CF and Canvases

CF and Canvases is a CF Community Project that was created by CF Artist Vicki Thompson.

Vicki calls on all CF patients to submit their unique artwork to her, so that she can place it on her website.  These CFers are invited to create pieces that show the Highs and Lows of their life with CF.

I am proud to support Vicki and her project, as she allows CFers display their thoughts and emotions, at their best and at their worst, of living with this disease. 

Enjoy the below.

Caren Crase

photo (5) (768x1024)photo (2) (768x1024)

Gwen Forlizzi:

photo (2) photo

Darlene Colandrea:

photo (4) (561x428) photo (5) (547x350)

Annabelle Minor:

photo (8) photo (6)

Anna Tyson:

photo (3)photo (1)

Patty Koslovsky:

photo (9) photo (10)

Joan Hammond:

photo (4) image

Stephan Slavik and his brothers:  Stephen is having fun on a trampoline and the other side is kids outside playing and him inside a house doing treatments

image (1) photo (5)

Stephan Slaviks’ cousin Sophia: It shows him and his daddy and his 3 favorite stuffed animals (from yo gabba gabba) under a tree happy and the back is him crying on the bed doing his vest.

photo (6)photo (9)

Carissa Norman:

image (2)photo (7)

Pippa Mawbay:

image (3)photo (8)

Leo Eledge:

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