Short Stories & Poems

Julie Ice

April Sinclair

Composed for Mollie and Stacia

You’ve always been a guiding light
As I’ve experienced
The ups and downs of life

You’ve been a source of strength
When I couldn’t find my own
And when I felt lost
You reminded me, as long as there is you
I will never be alone

You always have a patient heart
And more than enough time to spare
When I need someone to listen
Or to know someone does care

You always know the right thing to say
When I need sound advice
And the right thing to do
When I’m faced with decisions in my life

You’re been such an important part
Of everything I do
And I just want to say thank you
For being more than just my sister
But for being you

Dedicated to Everyone with CF

There is so much left to do 

When I need some balance,
The sound of silence sings its song,
And carries me so gently to
A land beyond "it's right or wrong".
When I need an insight,
The whispers of the old wise ones
Can penetrate the fog of thoughts
And bring a light that's like a sun.

And when I need uplifting,
To rise above heart heaviness,
A sense of joyful gratitude
Can bring a smile of happiness.

But when I am too weary
To hear the song of silence sing,
When whispers stop, no smile, no joy,
I rest into just noticing.

Just noticing whatever's there,
A breath comes in, a breath goes out,
Surrounded by and filled with air,
Just noticing becomes my prayer.

More Than Just a Sister

I wrote this for Mollie. Words can not say what she means to me. Shes alawys there for me and i will always be there for her. Your my angel. I love you

There is so much left to do
There is so much left so see
It’s hard to ever think
You’re not going to be here with me

You always call me your panda
Every time I am down
You really know how to make me smile
Even when I want to frown

You were always a little shy
But with me you never were
You opened up about your past
And for us it opened a brand new door

You told me the darkest secrets
And the feelings that you hide
But you no longer had to be afraid
All that you keep inside

No words can ever explain
How much you mean to me
You’re more than just a best friend
You’re my sister and on this we both agree

It’s hard to ever think about
Going on with one less friend
I watched you fight your battle
I stood by you till the end

But you made a promise to me
You promised you would always stay
Even when you’re with the angels
You’re never far away

Stacia Eckhardt

Composed for April and Mollie

There is this friend of mine that always has my back
She never turns her back on me
not even for a flash
I call these friends of mine Cysters
and we always have the best chats
but to think one of us could go
It makes me take a step back

With these Cysters of mine I see things in a brighter light
I see how lucky I am to know that I'm alright
but with all these lessons always has a fall
I see many leave without even a call

With these Cysters of mine
They understand what I say
even if it's a rough patch or the simple old hay
you always feel like you're one plus one
never standing alone
Together as a unit we can conquer all!!

Staying Strong

Strength is no longer a option for some people
Strength is the golden light
You walk toward it day by day and every single night
If you chose not to fallow
You might be left alone
But don't you worry your always welcome in our sacred little home     

It's okay to be scared at times
We all feel the same way
its only normal in this twisted world of ours
To wonder, "Is anyone there?"
Just hold on to hope
He will show you through
Guided by a angle, flying there for you
Fallowing her is the wise thing
But you chose what to do
Its all your story
So you write what you chose to

Mikey Loopy Schafer

They all i have one HUGE thing in common. The lack of EASE, which is labeled DIS-EASE. other words for (Dis-ease)= Imbalance and resistance.
The illness or disease is simply a WORD or the NAME that your mind has labeled a specific symptom of IMBALANCE in the physical body. (Can be mental and/or emotionally as well, they are all connected)

Everything is conceived in balance, including you and your human body.
When there is IMBALANCE, or RESISTANCE, it reflects in the human body as one or more Physical symptoms.

MY POINT BEING.. is that none of the so called "DISEASES" exist except as a mental label in your mind.
And remember guys.. Dis-eases such as CANCER, CYSTIC FIBROSIS, AIDS, ETC, CANNOT BE CURED... hmm lets think of that.. well of course they cant BECAUSE THEY DONT EXIST AS ANYTHING OTHER THEN WORDS!

The real issue here or "Root of the problem" Is the IMBALANCE of the HUMAN organism, As a WHOLE BEING.
So every illness or crazy big long names you want to give things are great.. But they are not the PROBLEM.
They are the SYMPTOM OF THE PROBLEM. The root problem lies within the beings FAULTY FOUNDATIONAL IMBALANCE.

For example..
If you were born with Cystic Fibrosis..
Your problem is not Cystic Fibrosis.
And it never was …
And guess what? it never will be…
Because it was a figment of your imagination..
It was all in your mind…
So, Stop the fight against Cystic Fibrosis.
Because your fighting with yourself.
Do you want to know what your real ROOT ISSUE IS?
Your imbalance…
Your own personal imbalance..
and your journey consists of bringing equilibrium to every part of yourself.

Cloey Pita Shelor

A rainbow is like colorful paint.

It sounds like a melody,
Soft and faint.
It smells like a fresh, summer breeze
About to unfold,
It tastes like bright fruit loops in my cereal bowl.
It feels like a warm, tender hug from God,
and a comforting promise,
Left by a nod.
___Cloey Shelor
~Breathe Easy~

Painter of the Sky.

Silently gazing at the soft, gentle clouds at the beach,
Every cloud looking different, bright, and unique.
You might see a horse galloping,
Or you might see a bear;
Your imagination will run wild as you lay there and stare.

The loud, salty waves violently crash
Against the sandy shore,
And the winds begin to pick up a little more.
It blows the fluffy, white clouds away.
Silently you pray,
Thanking God for another cloud-filled day.

When you get ready to go home,
You realize that as the skies get fainter,
God is a professional painter,
And will be until the end of all time

___Cloey Shelor 3/29/13
~Breathe ♥ Easy~

She's in Heaven.

As the storm clouds gather in her eyes,
She silently watched her mommy slowly die.
She thought about the good memories she had,
But she stopped because she felt sad.

The little girl got on her knees and bowed,
Begging God not to take her Mother right now.
The Doctor explained her mother's extreme case,
As the color drained from the young girl's face.

Her mom's heart beat grew weak,
Her gentle eyes, timid and meek.
The little girl's mother slowly passed away that night.

As the tears streamed down the daughter's face,
She knew her mother was in a better place.
Although her mother had died at the age of thirty-seven,
She was in a worry-free place... Heaven.

___Cloey Shelor 3/6/13
~Breathe ♥ Easy~


Red, blue, green, and white.
Every color is so pretty and bright!
Green makes up the grass,
And blue is the color of the sky,
Red is the color of Jesus' blood
He shed when he died.

Brown is the color for the rough surface
That protects our trees,
And yellow is the color of them
Mean O'le stingin' bee's!

Colors surround us everywhere,
They are here night and day,
There are many colors in this world,
Can you name all today?

___Cloey Shelor
~Breathe Easy~

Breathing Easy One Day.

I know tranplant is coming soon,
It may be morning,
Or it may be late noon.
Whatever happens,
I'll put it in his hands,
And follow in the footsteps of his perfect plan.

He will watch over me,
He will protect me in the dark of night,
If I got transplant,
I would have a new life,
My future would be bright!

All the things I've wanted to do I could,
Like breathe without oxygen,
Breathe or run,
Oh yes I would!

But a major surgery that could mean life or death,
But everyday I'm inching closer
To transplant with every breath.

Oh, how exciting to finally breathe easy one day,
And knowing,
That wondeful feeling will never go away.
For regular people,
Breathing is second nature to you,
But for us Cysters and Fibros,
It's something we struggle to do.

Remember, God is in control of our lives,
He decides whether we shall pass or survive.
So every time you take a breath,
Remember all the CF victims
Trying to breathe easy today,
And say a prayer for the ones
Who are going to have transplant one day.

___Cloey Shelor 4/23/13
~Just Breathe~

My Medal of Honor.

When the right time comes,
I will have transplant,
Yes I know it will leave scars.
But I will never again be trapped behind those
Cystic Fibrosis prison bars.

Because I am still in the battle,
My medicines and treatments are my armor.
When transplant comes,
Those scars will represent my
Medal of Honor.

For the past twelve years,
I have been in a brutal fight,
Hopefully I will be able to breathe easy one night.
I would tell stories about my miracle,
And get the word out,
Not sit at home wondering why this happened to me
And poubt.

I am a warrior,
I have been in combat with Cystic Fibrosis
For a long time,
And I still have a long way to go,
But hey!
Life is a climb.

But one day I'll earn my medal,
A medal that God will give me,
And I'll cherish it in my heart somewhere special.

___Cloey Shelor 4/24/13
~Just Breathe~


A glaring blaze of red, hot flames.
But sometimes people destroy the fire,
And a broken heart is left to blame.
For fire is like love,
It can burn bright,
And fit perfectly like a glove.
But other times the fire slowly burns out,
With no purpose,
And no explanation what it's about.
In spite of the pain,
We hope for love to last,
Because some of us fall in love
Way too easily and fast.
So be careful,
And handle your fire with tender loving care,
Keep trying even if the storms in life
Makes it difficult for your fire to bare.
Find the right wood, to make the perfect fire,
And someone will come into your life
You will adore and admire.

___Cloey Shelor
~Breathe Easy~

The Blame Game.

When one person does wrong,
It's a human instinct to blame it on another.
Whether you blame it on your friend, parents, or brother.

Sometimes, pridefulness gets the better of us,
And all we do is whine and complain.
But we can do something about it,
We can help our lives to not go down the drain.

Government is a big issue in our world today,
So we blame it on politics,
Instead of listening to God say,
"It's going to be okay."

Think about this,
Jesus didn't blame us,
When He had to die on the cross,
Yet, He died for you and me,
Because He loves each one of us equally.

We have to realize,
Our world will never be perfect,
And that is okay with Him.
Blaming will get you no where,
And it's one of Satan's dirty, rotten sins.

___Cloey Shelor 5/25/13
~Breathe Easy~

Cystic Fibrosis is My Occupation.

Cystic Fibrosis is not a game.
It lives up to it devilish name.
Sometimes there is doubt and frustration,
Because CF is my occupation.

Treatments, antibiotics and hospital stays,
I just want the breathless moments to go away.
Sometimes I get tired of continuously taking medications,
But I have to realize, CF is my occupation.

There may be bumps in the road, and I may stumble,
But it doesn't mean my life will come apart and crumble.
There is a word I've learned living with CF,
It's called, cooperation.
I've learned to deal with this during my Cystic Fibrosis occupation.

If you neglect your CF, you will cause unnecessary strife.
Life gets in the way, and cuts deep like a knife.
There is something that every CF'er needs,
It's called motivation.
You will need this to endure your CF occupation.

I have many breathless memories, I try to forget.
I must be strong, I am a Cystic Fibrosis Cadette!
CF is high maintenance, and needs accommodations,
Because CF is a very complex occupation.

I find good, in everyday to smile.
Because I'm only on this earth for a little while.
Once I pass away, there will nothing but Hallelujah's and relaxation,
Because CF will no longer be my occupation.

___Cloey Shelor 5/17/13
~Breathe Easy~

Maria Umpierre

Life . . .

Life is like a book,
Chapters are the years,
Pages are the months,
Paragraphs are the days,
Every word is all the emotion.


Life is likeTug-O-War

it pulls you to the abyss of difficulties

Pull the rope and win against the difficulties

You won't regret

Dear Sky

When will be the day when you drown your sorrows?

When will be the day when you play Twister?

When will be the day that you will shine your light to brighten our days?

Twister, Sorrows, Madness,

No matter what you're feeling, dear sky

You always have a shine hiding behind those sorrows, twisters and madness,


Because we know that you like to shine our days and nights!

Mixed Up

This feeling...
A feeling so dark - yet so satisfying, so pure
A feeling so cold - yet so heartwarming,
A feeling so secluded - yet so secured,
A feeling so vacant - yet so occupied,
This feeling...
That nobody ever felt - but yourself,
A feeling...
That only you - will be tolerant to it,
The feeling..
That only you - will ever feel,
This feeling,
Of blended emotions..


A fragile heart,
Resides on a optimistic mind,
An optimistic mind,
Resides on a frozen heart,
A frozen heart,
Resides on a valiant soul,
A valiant soul,
Resides on a particular human being,
Someone with a fragile heart,
An optimistic mind,
A frozen heart,
A valiant soul,
All in one like a puzzle,
That is - one unique human being.


This cage
Does it resemble a prison?
I wonder
Does it resemble a cozy place?
I wonder
Does it resemble a dark cave?
I wonder
Does it resemble a locked door?
I wonder

I glimpse at the door, in this cage
Wondering what this feeling means
I glimpse at the ceiling, in this cage
Wondering what this resembles to
I glimpse at the ground, in this cage
Wondering if the ground is supposed to be naturally cold

I climb up the pile of boxes they have in that shallow-looking corner to the right,
I gaze out the window, in this cage
Wondering how the outside feels,
The snowflakes, the wind - all in one.

This cage which I am trapped in,
How this uncertainty remains,
With all the things I come up with
As to what this cage resembles - and what it feels like

Alone I stand there,
Alone I stand there,
Alone I stand there,

With the thoughts racing through my mind,
No way to unfold it out,
I've finally given up,

Running towards the door,
Striking, to kick this damned door down
Just to break out from this cage!

This damned door is down,
I felt a soft, cool breeze running through my face and hair,
This feeling...
The conclusion I have finally run into

The resemblance to this cage - it resembled a hell.
A dark, cozy, locked prison.

The smile that has appeared on my face,
A real smile - a smile that has never occurred during my time in the cage,
A smile that will never be forgotten, or lost

The smile of freedom, the smile of joy, the smile of beauty.
The blizzard slows down, as the snowflakes have begun to fall,
Capture each one with the palm of my hand, enjoying the taste of being finallyfree..

Free from this prison,
Free from it all

I can now - once and for all ; be free for the very first time.


I was once adhered for what it seems to be a deep dark hole,
As I was longing for freedom,
And as I reached out my hands to the exit,
There was no way out, no matter what I tried -
I was chained for what it seems to be that was keeping me alive and breathing,
Without it - I would be gone.
As hot days and cold nights would pass by,
I'd ponder about what to do - just to escape from this misery,
I'd go from left to right, just to see if there was a way out,
Falling on my knees, watching the tears roll down my cheeks to the ground,
How I really wish for this all to end,
All I'd ask is for freedom and happiness,
I guess it could have been too much,
I'd still wait, days and days -
Until one day I was pulled out of the abyss,
And I could finally be free and live for the first time in a long time.

The Butterfly Warrior

She's like, a wandering butterfly
Two paths, ahead of her
Two paths, one with a set of footprints
The other with zero footprints
Each path, with long roads ahead

She ponders, which one to take?
The one that has a set footprints
Which may lead you
To the same fate as the one who previously walked through it
Or the one
She can create on her own with her own unique set of footprints

A wandering butterfly,
So fragile
Yet has an unbelievable inner strength
A warrior, who will decide on her own life
Based on each life experience
She has seen with her own eyes

Each path,
Hold consequences
For pure and dark
Lost in thought
And in her trace of mind

She once again picks up on what she was pondering
Decides to walk to the path that leads to the unknown
She carries her warrior equipment, ready to set and be free
To create her own path, leaving her own footprints
Each footprint that will determine
Her inner strength, willpower, courage, and inspiration

The only butterfly
Which will be honored
In this dark and horrifying world.


Like a baby chick that has lost its way home
Abandoned by its own family

Like a rose that has begun to melt
Witnessing the other roses wither into a sad, sad death

Like a star that is so far away
From the other stars up in the sky

Despite their uniqueness, they all share one thing:

I'm looking around for the lost baby chick
To offer him a home of love

I'm looking in the garden where the lone rose remains
To prevent from having its beauty fade away

I'm reaching up for the sky to capture the far away star
To shine more than the group of stars all together


Did I wake up from a dream, cause baby I thought we were on the same team.
I understand I made mistakes, but I still did whatever it takes to try my best to keep you happy.
I know it got rough, and I know I was tough, but isn't that when we are supposed to shine.
What happened to the love.
I thought you were an angel sent from above for me.
I keep asking myself why. Why.
I guess it was all a lie.

Nothing is forever they say, then why am I still here.
Wishing to run my fingers through your hair.
Wanting to hold you like I used to.
Breathe you in cause you were my O2.
It just doesn't make sense.
No matter how tall, I'd climb any fence.
So now I guess I'm supposed to move on.
Still trying to take it all in that your gone.
So now here I am, struggling to get by.
And there you are having the time of your life.
I know it's not a game.
But my love outweighed yours, even when you promised it was the same.

I'm a Lonely soul, all alone.
Feeling like a pilot less drone.
The pain hurts, it doesn't subside.
I don't know who I am inside.
Feelings and thoughts collide.
Creating the whirlwind we call life.
I wish I could say I'm happy.
But more often you'll find me depressed.
Stress, anxiety, and fear, are the only things left that I can hear.

You might as well let me in.
Baby I'm not gonna stop.

One day you and I will be on top.

Let me love you till your weak in the knees.

Let my love wash over you like your drowning in the sea.

Baby, baby, we can do this is if you let me fix, please please don't nix it completely.

Let me hold you and take it all away.

Hey. Baby we can do this.

Sydney Davis


Lately everything pertains to decisions; minuscule, tiny, little, small, regular, big, large, giant, enormous decisions.
A number of them are made every moment of our days, making marks. The marks are growing these days.

These decisions are not of age, but still I am forced.
Fate does not flinch at age, decisions are budged by other decisions of other beings, along with paths of illness, nature, and time.
We think because of our youth we should be spared.

It is the truth, I truly admit, but if a positive is what you’re searching for to this forceful problem, think; what makes us, us?